Anna Sapounaki MSC, MBACP, EFTA, Tavistock Relationships Psychotherapy, Counselling & Parenting in Wimbledon & Putney, South West London

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“There is no passion to be found playing small and settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

Nelson Mandela

Psychotherapy, Counselling and Parenting in Wimbledon & Putney, South West London.

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I am happy to see you are reaching out to me.

My name is Anna Sapounaki and I run a psychotherapy, counselling, life coaching and parenting practice in Wimbledon & Putney, South West London. My experience as a therapist is rooted in many years of professional education and training and also working through my own share of the challenges that life constantly sends our way. My knowledge has been developing and enriched through many years of supporting individuals, couples, and families navigate the strains that come from managing work and relationships, raising children and coping with the challenging times of life.

My belief is that the answers to our questions and the solutions to our problems can be found within our own awareness. Psychotherapy is the pathway that enables us to reach this source of wisdom and infinite potential.

I am also working online with clients across the UK and in Europe.

My approach

As a psychotherapist and counsellor I am proud to offer services that accommodate a wide range of cultural, ethnic and family backgrounds, religious practices, values and experiences . My goal is to inspire, motivate and guide you to learn skills and develop behaviours that will enable you to realise your potential and live your life to the fullest.
Drawing from a variety of therapeutic approaches I can assist you in your individual pursuits and objectives and help you meet your specific cognitive, emotional and spiritual needs.

When we feel strong and connected to our power within, whatever challenges or difficulties life sends us can be viewed as a valuable lesson; a way to empower and motivate us, to be creative and to rise, stronger and wiser.

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About Therapy

Therapy and counselling can be the bridge from pain and distress to healing; from isolation and self-doubt to confidence and self-assertion; from a sense of loss and aloneness to hope and connection...

About Therapy

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Couples Therapy

Couples therapy helps enhance awareness between partners; it is a space for them to reflect on and describe their experiences, and to develop a deeper understanding of how they relate and respond to each other...

Couples Therapy

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We all want our children to be healthy, vibrant, independent and happy. We want them to be confident, creative and courageous, enjoy meaningful relationships and a sense of belonging. Counselling can show us ways to make this happen...


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About Me

My experience as a counsellor and therapist is based on continuous professional education and training, on self exploration, and growth and supporting my clients through their endeavour for a better life.

About Me

Developing the therapeutic relationship

A fundamental first step in building a successful therapeutic relationship is developing trust and mutual respect. A secure and reliable space is here for you in which to talk and feel supported and safe. I approach with compassion and empathy to enable you to engage, share your concerns and explore new possibilities without shame, judgment or criticism.

I hope to accompany you on your journey towards a better life; to witness the emergence of your positive qualities and help you rise into the fullness of who you are meant to be. My goal is to empower you to reduce your struggles, meet the challenges in your way and overcome them to move into a rewarding, satisfying and abundant new life.

Find out more...

If you live or work in the Wimbledon, Putney or south west London area, in the UK, Europe or anywhere in the world and would like to see whether you could benefit from working with a counsellor or psychotherapist, or if you are a parent looking for support and advice, please get in touch with any questions. All contact is treated in the strictest confidence.

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